Increasing Organic Promotional Product Sales – SEO Case Study

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Goal of Campaign

This client was a B2B manufacturer for the food and beverage service industry. They had launched a site in 2019 and spent about six months trying to work on it on their own with little success. They desperately needed to start earning some visibility for the products they offered.

Our Approach

We took over optimization for the site at the beginning of 2020. We hit the ground running by building out the product pages to include more content, better optimizing every page on the site to speak to user intent, conducting link outreach, and building a strategic content strategy that would speak to business owners in the food service industry. We ended up building partnerships with some large brands in the food service industry who linked to our content.


branders organic traffic

branders goals

The site has seen tremendous growth with the work I’ve performed and it continues to grow. In less than a year, organic traffic increased 338% while organic leads increased 460%. In the span of a year, organic traffic increased 2228.85% and organic leads increased 727.27%. Additionally, the client wanted to maximize revenue from the site. We implemented display ads with Mediavine. The client is now making a minimum of $3,000 a month from display ads alone. 

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