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Co-Founder / Digital Marketer

David Kranker Upbound


Co-Founder / Digital Marketer

When you work with Upbound, you’ll be working with digital marketing veterans who collectively have 25 years of industry experience. You’re an expert in your field and you deserve to work with digital marketers who are experts in theirs. Upbound has consistently been recognized as one of the best digital marketing companies in Michigan. David is an adjunct digital marketing professor at Davenport University and started his career marketing in the legal industry (one of the most competitive markets in digital). David has worked for large national brands like Applebees and small local businesses like Raising Wonders.

Together, we can increase your brand’s online presence, drive more online sales, and send your company in an Upbound direction. We’re a remote team, because we know the best talent doesn’t exclusively reside in one geographic location. We’re spread out across the country and serve clients throughout the country. 

The Values We Hold

We’ve heard the agency horror stories. We’re no fly-by-night digital marketing agency. Our entire team lives by a handful of core values that drive every action we take. We strive to be:


We Collaborate With You

You can think of us as an extension of your existing team. We’ll work closely together and share everything with you – like a team should. Digital strategies are constantly changing because of algorithm updates, platform changes, policy updates, and technological innovations. We don’t leave you in the dark when it comes to what we’ll be doing to continue growth in the face of change. We will share the methods and tactics we plan on using each quarter. Our strategies are always proactive with the goal of increasing your visibility and sales.

Transparent Reporting

We provide complete transparency, so you can see first-hand how our efforts are increasing your online revenue. Our reports give a complete overview of your campaign’s performance, a monthly breakdown of the tasks we’ve performed, and an outline for what we plan to do.

Over 2 Decades Of Knowledge

We have a combined experience of 25 years in digital marketing. Each of us has helped businesses in all industries grow their online presence to drive more revenue. We have the experience and history of success needed to support small-to-medium-sized companies that want to send their digital metrics in an upbound direction.